Real-time Brand tracking, Reputational Risk insights & sentiments from millions of data points globally (thousands of news sources, social media) with X AI

Real-time heatmap to monitor 100's of client's for emerging risk and opportunity alerts using X AI.

X AI powered sentiment insights, predictions, competitor analysis for better ROI from marketing campaigns.

Transparent AI solutions to track Organization's non-financial ESG, Sustainability for good governance.

Human-Centric X AI Solutions

Intelligence is a quality that is unique to humans. Our Vision is to amplify Human Intelligence with Explainable (transparent) AI solutions in a sustainable way.

AI has great benefits, but little visibility on the process of it's output. "Explainable AI is the new frontier."

HaiX is at the fore-front of AI innovation with cutting-edge solutions, R&D in X AI. "We help Organizations with Explainable AI solutions quickly in weeks (vs. months) at lower cost", across many verticals such as:

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We Deliver Explainable AI Solutions Rapidly in Weeks

Business Brief

1 Week

Use-case Assessment

1-2 Weeks

AI Application Build

4-6 weeks

Deploy and Integrate

2 Weeks

Explainable AI Solutions Delivered Quickly

Our Advanced AI Platform is the secured efficient way to build explainable AI solutions quickly for any use-case.

We help organisations drive strategic value and ROI from AI, and build AI solutions quickly and securely.

  • Identify Opportunities with best-fit AI solutions
  • Rapid deployable AI platform with built-in solutions
  • Easy Integration to run applications on-cloud, on-premise




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Our Core Solutions

Monitor and classify emerging risks, trends for your clients and alert with real-time dashboard from 10000+ news sources with actionable insights and heatmap analysis.

Real-time insights for intelligent Planning with micro/macro variables and risk analysis for multiple companies to mitigate risk position and compliance.

Accurate predictions ( better forecasting, fraud, risk and early alerts ) with our advanced AI models (DL and ML) using multi-variable analysis and simulations, for real-time actionable intelligence.

Detailed heatmap and dashboard analysis of key issues and trends from your customers from millions of social media feeds to improve customer engagement,Brand position.

Monitor key risks and warnings about your customers, counterparties with real-time dashboard,alerts to mitigate risk position.

Intelligent AI models to understand various parameters for customer analysis and explianable churn metrics to actional insights for churn reduction and increase sales.

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