Accurate predictions, for real-time decision making

Advanced Image processing and Video Analytics for precise object recongition

Advanced Text analysis, Intuitive Conversational AI chatbots

Optimise business processes with Machine Learning automation

Digital Innovation With AI

Digital Innovation is the new frontier- “we help companies to be innovative in the Digital age with AI”.

We deliver advanced AI solutions securely and quickly in weeks, with our advanced AI platform for Fortune 500 comapnies across various verticals:

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We Deliver AI Solutions Quickly and Securely

Business Brief

1 Week

Problem Assessment

1-2 Weeks

AI Application Build

4-6 weeks

Deploy and Integrate

1 Week

Enterprise AI Solutions Delivered Quickly

Our Advanced AI Platform is the secured efficient way to build AI solutions quickly at low cost for various verticals.

We help organisations drive strategic value and ROI from AI, and build AI solutions quickly and securely.

  • Identify Opportunities with best-fit AI solutions
  • Rapid deployable AI platform with built-in solutions
  • Easy Integration to run applications on-cloud, on-premise




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Our Core Services

Huge data is being generated in Financial Services, which needs clear insights for decision making. Our AI Predictive models and Risk detection helps deeper insights on data.

We help deliver secured applications for Medical care, with automation of manual processes, earlier diagnosis, preventive medicine with easy to use dashboards

We help Retail and E-commerce industry, with our AI Predictive models and Computer Vision solutions to optimise brand visiblity, sentiment analysis and custmomer analytics

We help with advance AI computer vision models for design simulations, precision object recognition

IoT is generating huge data, which needs real-time analysis. We help with Predictive models, anomaly detection

We help Companies optimise their Brand's position with better customer analytics, churn metrics for better customer engagement

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