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Convert Your Unstructured Data Into Actionable Insights

We developed advanced AI NLP models, which helps on text-based narratives for better data insights and decision making.

We delivered Solutions in Financial Services complex use-cases such as LIBOR, LMA Contract, Document Analysis with advanced NLP models. This significantly improves operational efficiency in Contract analysis.

Advanced NLP Solutions

Built-in NLP solutions with many features and libraries to solve various use-cases such as Semantic Search, text analysis, character recognition etc.

Rapid Deployabe Solutions

Easy to use and quick deployment options. Capitalize on low hanging fruit with built-in solutions to deliver faster deployment on-cloud,on-premise.

Built-in Analytics

With a wide range of built-in NLP functions to optimise unstructured data analysis. Override the digital divide with easy analysis.

Some of Our AI NLP Applications

Key Information Extraction

Our advanced NLP models have self-learning intelligence and does accurate extraction of key clauses with the context and heatmap analysis.

LIBOR Contract anlaysis

Our advanced NLP solutions helped automatic extraction of key clauses, provsiions fo LIBOR contracts with greater efficiency

Unstructured data analysis

Our NLP models are efficient in extracting unstructured data to structured format e.g. annual reports, invoices to extract financial data

Semantic Search

Automate business processes (e.g., document key words analysis) with Macine Learning processes swith NLP models

Machine Translation

Automate business processes (e.g., document key words analysis) with Macine Learning processes swith NLP models

Contexual AI Chatbot

Our Built-in Libraries helps to build a contexual AI chatbots, to improve customer engagement and optimise business processes

How NLP Works

NLP, Natural Language Processing is a blanket term used to describe a machine’s ability to ingest what is said to it,comprehend its meaning, determine appropriate action, and respond back in a language the user will understand.

NLU, Natural Language Understanding is a subset of NLP that deals with important facet of how to best handle unstructured inputs and convert them into a structured form that a machine can understand and act upon.
About Image
About Image

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Layer

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About Image

Knowledge Base/CMS (Source Content)

Data Storage(History & Analytics)

We Provide Advanced AI NLP Applications

LIBOR Contracts

Document Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Key Information

Machine Translation

Text Summarisation

Message Personalization

Text Classification

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