The Retail and E-commerce industry is transforming in the face of a hyper-connected consumer and omni-channel platforms with integrated e-commerce.Legacy systems supporting sluggish supply chains make it difficult toorchestrate operations and navigate the complexity.

AINFINITY helps to perceive and analyze Retail supply chain to produce insights at scale and recommendations that allow retailers to respond at the speed of the customer.

Real-time IoT and consumer data signals combined with traditional sources enable better demand sensing, predict disruptions and fuel superior business planning.

‘AINFINITY’ to the rescue in Retail and E-commerce:
We offer solutions for variety of use cases and business processes in Retail, some of the key solutions are below.
. Chatbot , virtual advisors for consumer engaging user experience.
. Predictions and recommendations with Machine Learning and Deep Learning models for customer journey.
. Advanced Machine Learning, NLP for customer sentiment, classification analysis.

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