The way we consume financial services is changing, with digital banking experiences altering client expectations. Legacy systems and, and largely manual operations are long, expensive, and prone to error.

For the Financial and Insurance markets, we help automate and optimize business processes with AI to enable larger throughput, and empower decision makers with key insights to make better informed decisions.

Our Unmatched AI capabilities to fit most complex business processes and use-cases to deliver solutions for real-time risk, predictive and statistical analytics for financial services firms bring new levels of profitability, operational efficiency and growth to asset management,wealth management, and investment banks across the world. Our Business Information Automation templates allow for fast deployment, and rapid time to value from AI.

AINFINITY’ to the rescue in Financial services and Insurance markets:
AINFINITY for Financial services and Insurance markets serves a range of use cases, with Machine Learning, advanced natural language processing and deep learning models to assist many problems and business process automation,such as :
. Back office Automation to optimize business process, cost savings.
. Fraud prevention, risk analysis with Machine Learning and deep learning
. Advance analytics on cash flow, modelling etc.
. Data Integration (open API’s) and scalable architecture optimization for big data.
. Chatbots, Virtual advisors for FAQ's and enable better customer engagement.

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