Our Services Across Verticals

Our Advanced AI paltform is the secured efficient way to build AI solutions for various use-cases across many verticals

Our Recent Case Studies

Real-Time Risk Insights - Credit Rating Agency

Embedded our product ALivecore for real-time risk insights and sentiment analysis for client's credit rating analysis - Insights in 3 seconds (500x faster)

Real-Time Predictions - FinTech

Delivered advanced prediction solution on Risk models with automation and increased efficiency with a intuitive dashboard for real-time simulations

Risk and Fraud Detection - Risk Management Co.

Delivered advanced AI solution to optimise Risk analysis in Fraud with a real-time dashboard and improved efficiency by 30%, within 3 months.

Accurate Stock Detection - Beverage Manufacturer

Worked with Saratovsky, leading Beverage manufacturer in real-time brand detection (across 400 stores) and manual processes by 70%.

Real-time Predictions - Leading Retailer

Optimised Predicitive models in real-time and increased efficiency by 40% within 2 months, with real-time analytics dashboards.

360° Customer Analytics - Online Retailer

Delivered 360° view of customers and predicted Customer's Chrun by 30%, real-time sentiment analysis for better customer engagement.

Precision Object Detection - Leading Manufacturer

We delivered advanced AI object recognition model to count objects and detect anomalies and reduced manual efforts by 40% within 4 weeks

High end Automotive - Leading F1 Racing

Delivered Solution for design simulations and high volume data analysis, and assisted engineers with better predictions and anomalies.

IoT Real-Time Analytics - Leading IoT Company

Developed a Ai solution (PoV) for analysing high volume of IOT data for Predictive maintenance, Quality Control.Improved predicitons by 30%

Medical Image Recongition - Trinidad Public Hospital

Delivered AI solution for Image classification and detection of most common ailments reduced and manual processes by 40%.

Conversational AI Chatbots - Leading Hospital

Developed an Intuitive Contexual chatbot for pre-diagnosis of Patient's symptoms and reduced staff costs by 40% within 4 weeks.

360° Patient's Analysis - Private Hospital

Delivered a PoV to show 360° view of patient's Journey with sumamrised automated reports and timeliness for better engagement.