We're in the business of AI innovation. The products we create have real impacts on our clients' outcomes.

As each business is unique in its way, we deliver custom AI solutions (with low code) to fit for purpose to deliver value and ROI for the business. AInfinity lets enterprises easily understand and leverage AI to gain deep insight for better decision-making and improved productivity and efficiency.

AInfinity platform covers wide range of AI machine learning tasks with easy to use automatic machine learning model builder for Predictions, Classification, Recomendations, Anamoly detection to rapidly prototype test and deploy.

AInfinity’s Mission is to enable people, companies to become AI driven enterprises and be innovative, efficient, safer and more Agile in a digital transformation world.

AInfinity’s vision is to help companies in solving business problems with AI Machine Learning, deep learning, NLP models that allows enterprises to design, build, experiment, customize, operate and deploy AI solutions in various industries, such as Healthcare, Financial services and Insurance markets, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, and so on.

The AInfinity's Advantage:

  • Simple: Get AI solutions efficient and faster
    • Lean product delivery for rapid MVP and scale up to delivery.
    • Faster feedback loops and efficient AI products.
    • Any framework, platform, any scale (CPU, GPU, TPU).
  • Strong: Customized solutions to fit your business needs (one size doesn’t fit all)
    • Insight on any data (structured, unstructured), images, audio etc.,
    • End-end AI workflows to deploy on cloud
  • Agile: Be agile in predictive and real-time analytics with AI
    • Optimize your business value
    • Increase the bottom line.
    • Proptotype, test and scale up faster
  • Better Decision Making: Helps better decision making with Real-time Insights with AI solutions
    • Accelerate productivity and decision making
    • Increase ROI
    • Costs savings in optimising systems and teams/li>
  • Innovate faster: Help you to innovate faster and adapt with informed decisions.
    • Informed decisions with AI ML data insights
    • Amplify human intuition
    • Train your SME’s to become AI builders and informed users

    Our Team and Advisory Board

    Today’s data science, artificial intelligence solutions tend to be specialized in specific applications, and rely on small majority of scientists. They are talent- intensive, expensive, and unsustainable. As a result, AI currently remains inaccessible to most organizations.

    Our team are inspired individuals who have academic and professional applied AI expertise, analysts, Subject matter experts, Ux designers, cloud service engineers, who are helping businesses to deliver value and optimize.

    We have highly qualified AI scientists and professionals, who has worked in Fortune 100 companies in delivering AI and tech solutions at scale.

    Raj Muppala, Founder and CEO
    Raj has founded AInfinity, to inspire people and companies to become AI driven enterprises and be innovative.
    Raj is a seasoned executive and senior leader in Technology and has over 16 years of professional experience in enterprise software, AI Data Science, Advance Analytics and has helped several Fortune 100 companies to optimise business processes and digital innovation platforms.
    Raj serves as advisory, mentor to senior executives and start-up founders.
    'Raj's Linkedin Profile'
    Raj is a regular speaker at the leading innovation conferences, and shared his vision of using AI to help Humans in solving problems. His latest speaking event at one of the leading Innovation AI conference, AI-Expo in London
    Raj's talk on 'Digital Transformation with AI'

    Emrah Gozcu, Senior Data Scientist / AI NLP Advisory
    Emrah has Masters Degree in Machine Learning and has vast experience in AI Machine learning, Neural networks, and Google AI Cloud platform. He has helped companies in delivering AI solutions with conversational chatbots and Computer Vision algorithms with Deep Neural Networks in health care and financial services.

    Rakesh Konduru , Head of Design
    Rakesh is senior Technology Evangelist and Ux Design Architect, and he is Technical advisor and leading AInifinity's Engineering , Ux design and cloud applications. He is the CEO of Yes Technologies.
    'Rakesh's Niche Web design company'

    Mitesh V , Senior Data Scientist
    Mitesh has masters from North Western University, Boston, USA in Machine Learning. He has helped companies in delvering Machine Learning solutions in Classification, ensembling, regresion models to optimize business processes.

    Our Advisory Board

    AInfinity's Advisory Panel is a group of professionals who provide specialist expertise in innovation tech, AI, Business domain expertise, operations to meet the objectives of our company.

    Bernd Singler
    Bernd is Partner at IBM, worked with large fortune 100 companies in delivering multi billion dollar porgrammes in optimising business value and ROI.
    'Bernd's Linkedin Profile'

    Dr.Siva Konduru (MD, FRCR)
    Dr.Konduru is a Consultant Radiolodist and Head of department for Radiology at University of West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. With his expertis eon radiology image classification and anamoly detection,we developed image processing and automation using AI NLP

    John Kirrage
    John is Chartered Accountant and served as FD and Controller, and Senior Finance Programme Director. He has delivered big Finance and technology platforms or large fortune 500 companies in Europe.He is key advisory for us on finance processes and governance.

    Munir Sheikh
    Munir is senior Finance and regulatory risk compliance expert. he has delivered solutions for key regulations Basel3 at big financial institutions like Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Societe Generale. He is key advisory for us on financial and regulatory space, in optmising solutions with AI.
    'Munir's Linkedin Profile'

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