Reduce Brand's Risk & Reputation with real-time insights, sentiment trends from millions of social media, news

Real-time Insights to monitor portfolio's emerging risk and opportunity alerts

Unlock Opportunities faster with real-time insights from millions of news, social media

Monitor non-financial ESG, Sustainability insights & KPI's for good governance.

Discover Fast Insights from Vast Unstructured data

80% of the World's data is Unstructured. Enterprises spend $260 billion on analytics and it doesn't cater for unstructured data.

"Keyword-match results from conventional Enterprise search tools is very unproductive & time-consuming for users to find insights & accurate answers".

"Our Intelligent AI Neural Search understands natural language and semantics like humans, and users can search their own questions and get relevant insights (sentiments, trends) and discover accurate answers across any unstructured data (even from millions of social media, web, enterprise documents).

Stay ahead with Alivecore. Ease-of-use, Real-time, Faster

Millions of data

Real-time Insights

Better Decisions

Improve Revenue

Alivecore : Real-time 360 view of
Brand Reputation & Sentiment Insights

Explainable AI Solutions Delivered Quickly

Our Advanced AI Platform is the secured efficient way to build explainable AI solutions quickly for any use-case.

We help organisations drive strategic value and ROI from AI, and build AI solutions quickly and securely.

  • Identify Opportunities with best-fit AI solutions
  • Rapid deployable AI platform with built-in solutions
  • Easy Integration to run applications on-cloud, on-premise

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