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AI assisting Human Intelligence is the Future of work

AI for Good – We, at AInfinity believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help humans in building a better world and be inspired in creating better businesses.

AInfinity brings cost-effective AI solutions and optimize ROI for your business

Our Mission is to help companies to become innovative businesses, with AI in a less disruptive way.

AInfinity can help your business with an efficient AI strategy and delivery to unlock opportunities in the data and create enterprise grade AI solutions, to increase ROI and better decision making.
Our Integrated AI Machine Learning Platform optimises real-time data insights, Predictions, Classifications, Anomaly detection to address most use-cases in Financial Services, Health Care and E-commerce etc.,

AI can help solve most challenges (big data insights, classifications, predictions etc.,) and support decision making, however a robust AI strategy and capability assessment should be needed and prepared for. So how exactly, can your business implement AI in a cost-effective way to deliver scalable AI solutions and optimize ROI?

Partner with us to build your AI capability and solutions:

For a successful AI adoption and delivery, businesses needs to have right strategy & framework, right technology and right skills in place. We work with businesses to make their AI delivery faster and efficient.

Practical AI Strategy for your business
We work with you to identify and validate the core business problems, unlock the value in your big data with AI capability assessment.
As each business is unique, We create a practical AI Strategy and Roadmap for you in a cost-efficient way.

Applied AI skills Training
We believe AI Data Science capabilities will give practical exposure and easy adoption in your organisation. We work with you and coach your teams to understand AI and its possibilities, with real-world use cases. We create and deliver teaching courses to fit your organization needs (AI crash courses, detailed AI courses).

Integrated AI Platform for your business
Our Automated Machine learning Platform helps you to prototype, test, build and train ML models easily.
We have built our platform with exclusive list of libraries for Machine learning and Deep learning.
Our Platform has intelligent pre-processing, algorithm smart search, model training and execution pipelines to test and deploy easily.
We create custom solutions to solve your business problems to optimize most common use-cases in predictions, recommendations, clustering, anomaly detection.

Less disruption to your Business
We work with you to make AI adoption efficient in your organization, by communicating the benefits and training. We become your Change agents and drive the change from senior executives to business SME’s.
Our solutions integrate tightly with your technology stack. You have a choice of your toolkit and hosting provider.
We help you to create scalable AI enterprise grade solutions , to increase ROI and better decision making

Our Automated AI Machine Learning Platform is easy to use and has intelligent big data pre-processing, heuristic algorithm smart search, model evaluations, pipelines to give the best model to solve your business problems.

Our AI Platform transforms big data into real time data insights in 3 simple steps:


AInfinity helps businesses in:

• Cost-efficient AI solutions: Manage and deliver solutions to increase ROI with AI.
• Innovation: Helps to innovate smarter and be Agile with real-time data, predictive insights using AI.
• Better decision making: Optimise real-time data insights for better decisions with AI.
• Robust AI strategy and methodology: Clear AI strategy and tools to optimise big data, processes with AI.
• Digital Transformation: Integrate AI to your business in a less disruptive way, and optimise value.

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Our Products and Services

We deliver products and solutions to your business problems in various domains with AI and advance analytics

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  • Health Care

    In the current world of heath care, with millions (billions) of data records and images, its laborious and time consuming to make good analysis on data.

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  • Transportation and Logistics

    New technologies are increasing the availability of data, and new digitally-savvy players in the transportation and logistics industry are blurring boundaries across the value chain.

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  • Financial Services and Insurance Markets

    The way we consume financial services is changing, with digital banking experiences altering client expectations. Legacy systems and, and largely manual operations are long, expensive, and prone to error.

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