"AI for good"

Delivering advanced AI solutions in Computer Vision, Anomaly Detection,Prediction models.

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Helping human expertise with Artificial Intelligence

AI for Good – We, at AInfinity believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help humans in building a better world and be inspired in creating better businesses.

We deliver Enterprise AI applications in Computer Vision, Anomaly Detection and Predictions.

Our Mission is to help companies to become innovative businesses, with AI in a less disruptive way.

AInfinity helps businesses with an efficient AI strategy and delivers enterprise AI solutions, in solving most challenging issues in image recognition, predictions, anomalies etc with our advanced AI products:
• AI Computer Vision
• AI Anomaly detection
• Real-time Prediction and Recommender systems
• Machine Learning Automation and Classification models

Our advanced AI Products in Computer vision and Anomaly detection optimises real-time data insights, auto Image recognition, accurate predictions, Anomaly detection to address many use-cases in various verticals:
• Financial services and Capital markets
• Health Care, clinical research and Pharma
• Retail and E-commerce
• Manufacturing and Logistics

AInfinity helps businesses in:

• Robust AI strategy and platform: Practical AI strategy and tools to optimise big data, processes with AI.
• AI Computer Vision for Health Care: Helps in Predictive Medicine, Image detection, anomalies, diagnosis.
• AI Computer Vision for business applications (Retail, Manufacturing etc): Merchandising Index, Real-time stock fulfilment, Brand penetration.
• Anomaly detection with AI: Real-time risk alerts, Fraud detection, holistic automation, continous monitoring.
• Advanced AI Machine learning solutions: Real-time ML models in Predictions and recommendations for better decision making and optimize ROI.

The AInfinity's Advantage: We optimize your AI capability with our advanced AI products:

• Faster: Deliver AI solutions efficiently and faster
• Our integrated platform and AI products helps faster delivery of AI solutions and scale up efficiently

• Efficient: Customized AI solutions to fit your business needs
• Our AI applications are easy to access via simple API, webservice(no setup needed)

• Integrated AI platform: Agile delivery of AI solutions with our integrated platform
• Our platform has intelligent pre-processing, algorithm smart search, so we can deploy our products easily

• Enterprise AI applications: We deliver enterprise AI applications with our advanced AI products and platform
• Accelerate productivity with our Low cost, low risk provability of your business outcomes

• Less disruption to your business: we make AI adoption easier and help you to innovate faster
• Our products integrate easily with IT and business applications

Our Automated AI platform:

Our Automated AI Machine Learning Platform is easy to use and has intelligent big data pre-processing, heuristic algorithm smart search, model evaluations, pipelines to give the best model to fit.

Our AI Platform transforms any data into real time data insights in 3 simple steps:


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Our Products and Services

Our AI Products in Computer Vision, Anomaly detection and Predictive models can solve complex problems in various industries

  • Retail and E-Commerce

    AI Predictive models and Computer Vision is transforming Retail and E-commerce industry to optimise brand visiblity and merchanising index.

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  • Health Care and Clinical Research

    With millions (billions) of data records and images in health care, AI Computer Vision and Deep learning models helps early diagnosis, preventive medicine, image detection and Anamolies.

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  • Manufacturing and Logistics

    New technologies like IOT is increasing data insights, AI helps in self-learning object recognition, Predictive analytics, classification and anomaly detection across the value chain.

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  • Financial Services and Insurance Markets

    With digital and mobile banking experiences, more and more data is generated, which needs clear insights for decision making. AI Predictive models and Anomaly detection helps deeper insights on data and risk detection on time

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